Commodity Futures and Private Capital Management

Our Firm

Kindigo Capital Ltd., is an alternative asset manager based in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Kindigo was founded by Bosko Kacarevic who has over 17 years professional experience in financial services, commodity futures and private capital management.

Why deal with Kindigo? We are an "owner operated" boutique investment firm with five guiding principles:

  1. INDEPENDENT:   we have a fiduciary responsibility to our customers, not a bank;
  2.  INTIMATE:  personalized due diligence, we spend quality time with our customers to develop an intimate understanding of their future plans and needs;
  3. COMMITTED:  as the independant owner we have "skin in the game" and are committed to building long term wealth for our customers;
  4. ACCOUNTABLE:  annually audited by leading accounting firm;
  5. APPROACH:  we approach each investment as if we're investing for our own families future.