1. SPECIALIZED PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT:  We have partnered with one of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms with over $2 Billion in AUM for high-net-worth individuals. Based in Toronto the firm is privately owned and managed by its professionals, who also invest alongside their clients, which means they have “skin in the game.”
  2. PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION / ASSET MANAGEMENT:  We distribute prospectus exempt securities (private equity) to qualified investors on behalf of other issuers. Securities can be third party or a related issuer. We also provide suitability reviews and asset management services.
  3. RELATIONSHIP FACILITATOR:  Mergers and acquisitions. We facilitate transactions between investors and registrants or investors and third parties without directly distributing the securities.
  4. DEBT/EQUITY FINANCING:  Provide advice on capital structuring to raise capital in the form of debt or equity. Find potential lenders or institutional investors to invest in debt/equity securities.
  5. SUCCESSION PLANNING:  Assist business owners to design a solid exit strategy for retirement by selling the business, mergers & acquisitions and/or restructuring corporate securities.