A World Class Blockchain Trading Platform, Operating On Gold Standard Principles.


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Investors must be qualified as “accredited” or “eligible” before gaining access to the platform, and issuers must go through our in-depth due diligence process, which may take several months, before secondary trading is authorized.

  • PEER-TO-PEER:  Our trading platform allows us to facilitate the private placement of securities in the exempt market and support capital formation and secondary trading within a closed-loop network of qualified members.
  • IN-HOUSE PLATFORM:  Even though we facilitate the secondary trading of private exempt securities, the platform is not a “marketplace” as defined in National Instrument 21-101. Equity transfers are done in-house to guarantee privacy, NO distributed ledgers on a public blockchain, only private peer-to-peer transactions on our in-house blockchain.
  • GOLD-IN-MOTION:  Our platform is the only one in the world that allows for private securities to be purchased or redeemed for ounces of gold. Gold can also be used as collateral for purchasing private equity within our network.
  • REGULATED:  Our firm is regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission and the trading of securities on the platform is managed by our Chief Compliance Officer.
  • BLOCKCHAIN:  The platform uses a hybrid-blockchain system of encryption where every transaction is time-stamped to provide an immutable audit trail and a permissioned based ledger of traceable asset transactions between parties.
  • BONDED:  Kindigo Capital is the only bonded and insured peer-to-peer encrypted platform to provide a secure transfer of equity between parties, limited to $500,000 per transaction. Each encrypted trade is authenticated and guaranteed by Kindigo.
  • COMPLIANCE:  All issuers and investors must go through our strict due diligence and vetting process to qualify for access to the platform.