Private Placements Backed by Encrypted Gold

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* All clients must be qualified as “accredited” or “eligible” investors before gaining access to the Ledgermatix platform. All corporate issuers must go through our in-depth due diligence process, which may take several months before secondary trading is authorized.


  • Gold encrypted digital ledgers on a proven fintech platform;
  • Gold-pegged -OR- traditional private placement;
  • A hybrid gold standard for the digital age;
  • Allows for capital formation and secondary trading of private shares, debt or tokens;
  • Guaranteed authenticity of title holders;
  • Private placements will never be the same;
  • Post-trade settlement in legal tender, not cryptocurrencies;
  • Peer-to-Peer closed loop private network, similar to blockchain–only better;
  • Time-stamped encrypted audit trail, like a digital fingerprint on every trade;
  • De-centralized and authenticated title ownership;
  • Database is stored on bank-grade high security servers;
  • Comprehensive record keeping and compliance (KYC, KYP, AML);
  • Combines the best of two worlds, cutting edge technology with old school trading;

Think of it as GOLD-IN-MOTION.

It allows Gold-Bugs to compete in the corporate finance arena.

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