A World Class Private Trading Platform Encrypted With Gold-in-Motion.


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All clients must be qualified as “accredited” or “eligible” investors before gaining access to the LedgerMatix platform. All corporate issuers must go through our in-depth due diligence process, which may take several months before secondary trading is authorized.

LedgerMatix is a world class encrypted trading platform designed for the private placement of securities pegged to gold. The in-house digital platform is managed by Kindigo Capital and allows for the capital formation and secondary trading of private securities between qualified investors on a peer-to-peer closed loop network. Similar to blockchain technology except offline, Ledgermatix incorporates a time-stamped encrypted audit trail of every transaction. It’s designed for the small business owner who needs to raise capital for expansion, new ventures or succession. On the contrary it allows qualified investors to diversify their portfolio with private equity.

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