• Commodity Futures;
  • Global Currency Market;
  • Stock Index Futures;
  • Real Estate Income Trusts;
  • Mortgage Trust Funds;
  • Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion;
  • Gold-Backed Bonds;
  • Gold/Silver Collateral Financing;
  • Oil and Gas Funds;
  • Private Placements.

Land Development Opportunities and Mortgage Financing

Our focus is on providing investments on simple businesses with sound fundamentals that place the highest priority on their people and their customers. We believe the cornerstone for quality long term investments starts with the people behind the business. The people that develop a framework for success. The employees who earn the respect of their customers, and management who earns the respect of their employees. We believe it’s these main street businesses in the physical economy who continually produce sustainable profits and value that will endure the volatility of economic business cycles and continue to prosper.

Risk Disclosure

Exempt market securities and commodities are considered highly risky and illiquid investments and they are ONLY available to qualified accredited and sophisticated investors that can assume a high degree of risk. Investors in the exempt market must meet strict capital requirements in order to open an account with Kindigo Capital Ltd.